RARE 2024 WR vs DB Clinic

This year’s 3rd Annual WR vs DB Clinic is for Wide Receivers & Defensive Backs from graduating classes 2024-2027 (Seniors – Freshman).

This clinic is meant to focus on teaching the technique of the positions to our athletes then putting them in a competition style atmosphere to compete using the skills we teach them. Be ready to work with the best and better your craft.

Special Guest Coaches: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Jeron Johnson


The program includes 6 Group workout sessions with an emphasis on different aspects of the QB position. Purchasing the program gets you 6 group workouts, 1 free film session, 1 free one on one and free RARE QB Gear! *The Up Next Program: -6 week detailed program -On field training sessions including one film session. 5 max per session -One free 1 on 1 session -Discount on showcase if invited. -drop in session discount Price: $300

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